Cleaning Mojo

I was able to keep a really really clean kitchen for up to 2 days. Then Mr Husband started cooking and voila.. kurang kemas balik. Thankfully, the Sarawak Laksa he cooked was delicious.


Well, we all contributed to the mess. New trash. New food in the fridge resulting in a mini chaos in there as a jar of jam tried to fight some space with jeruk Pak Ali. Then Vitagen came in fresh from Tesco and violated the salads space.

But I chose to enjoy our public holiday today and let it be. Not really. I diverted my attention to our family space – the Bilik TV and tried to organize Ee’s toys and books. I gave up at the bookshelves. My own mess was also too much to handle. I will need to draft a timetable to clean up the mess for that.

Recently I joined in a Malaysian based Facebook Group dedicated to cleaning and organizing. It was created by Hani Mynis – a lady I could proudly say our local cleaning guru. Its a Closed Group thus requires one to make a request to get an invitation. I like that it has a local touch. Macam bakul yg ko carik tuh ada jual di Msia and is on a budget. Sold at ecoRM2 shops contohnya. Not something less realistic like things you see only on HGTV. Or the way you organize the kitchen is suitable for the Msian kitchen setting and not like those we see from Europe or the states. Barulah relevant. And rasa semangat.

Lately we are on a 30 day cleaning mission to prepare our house for Ramadhan. She provides printables and it is also nice to see members participating in the challenge and at the same time exchanging ideas on organizing the house.

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