Getting Ramadhan Ready..

I am very excited for Ramadhan this year. Maybe its because both Ee and Ninie are growing up with Ee especially being able to appreciate the holy month more.

And of course this year I have doTERRA. My collection is slowly growing and I plan to optimize the use of my Home Essential Kit which I chose when I enrolled myself. Back then there was no cheaper kit with a petal diffuser hence the determined purchase.

Nowadays we have better, improved choices.

I have done most of the major cleaning in my home. Of course, cleaning is an endless chore. I am in the middle of doing a cbild friendly meal prep menu for both sahur and iftar too.

And InsyaAllah, I will be sharing on how I use the oils in my essential kit on both IG and FB on a daily basis.


3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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