Vaccine Survey among healthcare workers

We are currently riding the god-knows-how-many-wave of the Covid-19 virus. It seemed only yesterday we gave ourselves a pat on the back for winning the fight. However, as soon as we let our guard down – the virus strikes again. There are rumours of implementing the MCO again but at the expense of the economy which is a pain because we have just kick started the wheel.

Vaccine has been THE NEWS in the country lately. Malaysia with its slightly smaller budget will be securing the purchase of vaccines from various suppliers. The top two being Pfizer and Astra Zeneca. Healthcare workers will be among those to be vaccinated first. Hence, a survey was done in my clinic to see how many would want to be vaccinated with no WHY’s if they choose not to. It was a short questionnaire – basically one that just asks for your personal details. An interesting thing I find about the survey is of how we need to enter our postcodes. According to a friend, the data would be useful to see how much coverage the vaccine will have in the community within a given time. An epidemiologist would explain this better I guess.

It is understandably a decision that requires a huge leap of faith. The vaccine is new. Anything new freaks people out despite the amount of scrutiny it undergoes. What more with testimonials and conspiracy theories cropping up in mass media. I too have my concerns as to whether it will interact with my TB meds. However, I have faith that the MOH council which did a good job in not bringing in the dengue vaccine into the country will have also analyzed enough evidence to support their decision to purchase the Covid-19 vaccines.

I am sure we will get more information soon as the vaccines will start rolling out to HCW and the public by March 2021. Until then, life must go on within SOP.

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