2021 Muster Sowoozoo at home and the birth of Aunty ARMY Minci

I have seen the word floating around but never paid any attention to it. Not even when it was mentioned on Weverse. Until, I stumbled upon a post by an FB friend saying that it is due to start in 30 minutes. And I was like,

Is this a concert? I am not going to miss it!

Within 30 minutes, I managed to checkout a ticket for the online concert. And there I was, with my airpods listening to the amazing vocals and fantastic sound system. I told my husband to call my son’s phone. I am in a concert – do not disturb me.

BTS had their hair done. Gosh – why did Min Suga have to bleach his hair and become blonde. He appeared rather buff too. Perhaps too buff. I like him in dark hair. It’s an aesthetic contrast against his really fair, pale complexion. They performed great songs and gosh, time flew really fast. Just like that, the concert ended.

Anyway, the moment I declared myself an ARMY on my FB feed, I started to discover other ARMy’s in my circle. We have ARMY’s my age and well… teenage daughter of my friends. I could just imagine them asking their daughters,

” who are you going to the concert with?”

” With Aunty Min.. and her friends. They have kids too”

“ok then, you may go” Yeh… people say there is Rich and Poor ARMY. Now there are Aunty ARMY’s babysitting teenage ARMY’s during concert. I told my new found fellow ARMY’s to start saving up for BTS’s concert cause once his pandemic is over, and they start setting foot around the world, you’d be sure this Aunty ARMY will be organizing that trip to the concert by bus.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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