Thank you to all my senpai

Recently a house officer died in Penang after jumping off the hospital building. The house officer was a fresh doctor having only started working 3 weeks. The HO must be at his/her wit’s end for making such a decision. I honestly cannot imagine the thoughts or feelings that run in his/her mind. Was it numb? Was it anger? Was it frustration? We would never know.

The first month of HO-ship in whatever posting will either make or break you.

I was in the O&G department. For the first 2 weeks, my feet were swelling due to the prolonged standing and walking. MY tagging hours start very early, ending at 10pm daily. I had to learn the ropes fast. It’s about getting the results to where they are. On top of knowing how to manage the cases safely as a medical officer. The mindset was to learn as fast as I can, efficiently in case we get our district postings in Kapit and whatnot. I was very very lucky to have my fellow HO senpais helping me out.

Stella. Wani Raul. Kak Pah. Marisa. To name a few.

I wouldn’t have survived if it wasn’t because of them. They have really wonderful personalities and I am so proud to see them becoming the specialist they are today. Blooming in their respective fields as a person with great character and knowledge. Patients under their care are in safe hands.

I pray that they will continue to serve the public with their expertise. InsyaAllah. For I know, I wouldn’t be able to do that.