Why do we eat (so much) – A refreshing perspective

As health practitioners, the common advice we give to patients who want to lose weight is to eat a balanced meal, sleep well and exercise. The endpoint of this book is still the same, that is to eat well to keep the pounds off.

Bought this digital copy from Google Playbook

However, what makes this book refreshing is that it puts forth the understanding behind the advice above so that we could manage our weight better to ensure a healthier lifestyle. This book talks about weight set-point and how it helps us to understand why you regain weight after you lose those kilos. It made me understand why some obese people ‘have it in their genes’. Most importantly, it gives you that glimmer of hope that we can reset the set-point by manipulating the variables in our environment.

The science is easy to grasp. Everything just makes sense from fat, cholesterol, insulin and leptin.

This book will give anybody that sense of empowerment to turn their life around and get back to their normal BMI. This is not a miracle diet book but once you understand the concept of why obesity happens, it will make you more consistent to shed off those extra kilos.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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