The DEPO Story

It’s been a while since I had dreams. Dreams that I would remember the next morning.

This particular dream does not have any spirits or ghosts but it is still nightmare-ish. It’s because it involves another woman. Perhaps there is too much news about Puteri Sarah VS Shamsul, Diana Danielle Vs Farid Kamil and that Hafiz guy story on my social media feed. That kinda messed with my brain when I sleep.

So in the dream, I was in a living room with my husband watching TV while going to a friend’s Raya open house. There was recognizable Raya food like nasi impit and rendang. The kids were not there. Then, this female friend, the host of the open house approached my husband with a syringe. The ugly thing about this is that I KNOW this female friend in real life and gosh, she’s a good woman with a loving husband and lots of kids. The syringe was the Depo injection for contraception and it is usually administered at the buttocks. Then she went,

“Eh S*****, boleh tolong cucuk ni tak kat aku”

(Eh S, can you please jab me with this?)

In my head, I was like.. HELLOOOOO.. I am also a doctor, your husband is also a doctor, why on earth are you asking MY HUSBAND to give you that injection? Somehow I didn’t say anything about it. My husband in the dream chose to respond like this,

“Ah mana? Duduk kt sebelah ni, senang nak cucuk”

(Where? Come sit beside me, it’s easier that way)

Since I was facing the front, I didn’t really see how the deed was done but somehow it was accomplished and the gedik ( only in the dream) friend giggled a Thank You to my husband. When I woke up, I remembered feeling ‘wadahekkkk’ and to be honest it feels a bit odd communicating with this colleague at work having known what the dream felt like.


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