Nordette is an oral contraceptive pill. Easily available in the pharmacy. I haven’t used any OCP before because I am just lousy at taking pills but I am keen to take it now – not as a contraceptive method but more to delay my menses. My friends at work have been using the OCP strategy before this for Ramadhan and I wasn’t really into the idea in the first place. Until last year, when I felt that ‘ganti puasa’ is becoming challenging to complete with advancing age.

Nordette is priced at RM17 for a strip of 21 days. You then have your 7-day break for the breakthrough bleed before you start on a new strip of the pill. However, in my case, the plan is to continue straight with a new strip upon completion of the 21 days pill to prevent bleed. At least for a few days until Ramadhan ends. To achieve this, I’d need 2 strips and I have just started my 1st pill on the first Sunday in my current natural cycle.

I hope I can be compliant. I’ve set my alarm to ring at 8pm daily for this.

I hope I wouldn’t suffer from any horrible side effects.

I hope this strategy works.

Looking forward to a full Ramadhan month.

NOTE : Please consult your doctor first before taking Nordette.