Tesco Click & Collect

Another gem service from Tesco. The Click and Collect Programme. In comparison with the Order and Collect programme, my shopping cart is not limited to 25 items.

Last Saturday was my 2nd time using the service. It’s pretty easy.

  • I log on to Tesco Online and sign myself in. I could also use the Tesco app available on Google Store.
  • I scroll through the list and put items inside my shopping cart. Sometimes I just enter the item I want inside the search box and it will come up if it is available. This process usually takes days because it takes a while for me to decide on what I want to buy. Buying chicken and all is still a bit confusing cause I am just not sure sometimes of whether I buy using quantity or by weight.
  • Once I finish shopping, I check it out.
  • I am then left with 2 options which is to pay up front or pay later with card on collection. I usually choose the latter
  • The collection area is right at the main entrance. After giving the person in charge my Order ID, my trolley will be given to me.
  • I would pay for the items by card and just like that, my grocery trip is done. This process usually takes me less than 10 minutes.

What happens when the items I want are not available?

Then, Tesco will try their best to find a substitute item. I usually accept them as it is. I really hope that this programme will stay forever and ever cause Tesco, you have no idea how much time you have saved me in running this particular errand.