Minci Travels Macao 2019. Metropole Hotel, Getting around & Food

This is part 2.

If you have kids, perhaps staying near the area of Senado Square is a good idea. At least, when the kids sleep – your older self can just roam the lit up, vibrant streets downstairs.

Getting Around

Unlike other travelers, we chose the taxi as our mode of transport. A bit on a posh side but comfortable for the family. We always start with MOP 19 on the meter. Eventhough the driver does not speak fluent English, having a picture or address of the place you intend to go would help. Despite thinking that Fishermans Wharf is a tourist spot and should be recognizable, they cannot seem to grasp what it is in English. Ha ha. cute.

They accept HKD for payment.




We initially chose the Superior Chinese Style room but was later upgraded to a Deluxe European Style Room. We also received complimentary breakfast with the room, so big thank you there. Despite the hotel situated in the busy bustling city, the noise does not seem to penetrate the walls of the hotel – unlike the hotel we stayed in Vietnam. HA ha ha. Hence, we had really restful nights during our stay there.


Our room had the usual, expected amenities ; complimentary beverages, mini fridge, a TV. The bath tub was a bonus! I managed to squeeze a bubble bath 2 nights in a row. The sockets in the room were Malaysian friendly (meaning you don’t need those international adapter thingy) and they even have readily available USB ports. What I don’t get is that you only have one switch for the entire room. In other words, you don’t have the option of putting the lights out and watching TV at the same time. Cause once the lights go out, your TV is out too. Interesting, right? kedekut

I used the qiblat finder website to find the direction of the qiblat in the room. screenshot_20190329-151321_chrome5761446460054149522.jpg

Breakfast was in the form of an a la carte menu but with free flow coffee/tea/juice and pastries. We inquired regarding the possibility of preparing a vegetarian menu. Not that we are but under certain circumstances where we are not sure if the meat is handled/prepared the halal way , it is best to stay away and choose a safer option. The lady was happy to oblige.

“I will tell my chef – no meat, no pork or wine”

We thought that was really kind. In fact, their noodle in vegetable soup was super yummy. Padahal sayur kubis je tuh.





Own packed meals

There are times when the kids are just too tired to walk which resulted in us abandoning the itinerary and have a meal in the room itself. Here is where Brahims meals becomes handy.  They even give you a metal spoon in the box. Since we don’t have a microwave, we need to submerge the packet in hot boiling water for at least 8 – 10 minutes. And they come with a few flavours. We bought the mushroom and cheese rice & tomato rice.


On the other hand, we bought most of our extra beverages at the Eco RM2 store back home. oklah.. we get at least 3 sachets in a package of RM2. And it taste nice.



Ting Ting Vegetarian Cafe

On top of their cafe, they also have this little kiosk in the Jorge Alvares Square Park situated right in front of our hotel. This food joint sells vegetarian based meals and Mr Husband discovered that the owner is Vietnamese. Or was it only the person manning the kiosk. Their mushroom burger is to die for!! They also have tofu based burger and fresh smoothies.




This is a very familiar name to most muslim travelers. The workers are Indonesian but the owners are Macanese. We ordered a beef broth with noodles, a lamb pie which is practically karipap yang dibesarkan, the signature fig juice (ya habibi.. kiciknya gelas dia..) , rose tea and egg fried rice.



We all know the price is steep but hey, the portion was huge. We had to tapao the karipap. The Rose tea was nice but it took us so long to finish the pot. Its like never ending tea. Tuang ada lagi, tuang ada lagi.


If a culinary adventure was what you were hoping, I am afraid that this is the only thing I have for you. Yes, there are other local halal places like those with an Indonesian flavour to it. There is that Michelin peacock restaurant too. And eateries with an Indian influence to it.

This is us enjoying Turkish ice-cream. It’s time to draft the next part of the holiday.