Latest KDrama binge

Last weekend, I decided to catch up with a new KDrama because people on IG said that when they watched it, they wanted to become a lawyer. The Kdrama is called WHY HER. It has aired up to 8 episodes, and yes, I find it interesting. But no, I don’t want to become a lawyer simply because it is not in my character to be like Oh Soo Jae. Kentalnya jiwa sis. I cannot la like that.

I am looking forward to the coming episodes but will probably leave it until it gets to its finale before I start bingeing on it again.

A quote however caught my eye in the series. Saw it in one of the scenes in Chan’s restaurant and that is..

One day, you will meet whoever you need to meet. Like today.

To me, it reaffirms the idea of Qada and Qadar. And that Allah always has the best plans for you. If anything is meant to be, it will still happen no matter what.