The blue orchid in Little Women

My initial guess was that it was left as a name card of the assassin. Did you have the same thought too?

As the story progressed, I began to think it could serve as a biological weapon. Apart from its hallucinogenic and trance-like effect, the flower may have hypnotic properties that cause the ‘sniffers’ to obey the commands of the perpetrator. Having said that, there must be an antidote to hinder such effects on the culprit him/herself. Yup, I was absorbed into that idea a lot.

I have to mention that this story gave The Village vibes as well with their elaborate, collaborative yet full of conspiracy plan. The difference is that the Jeongran Society wanted to rule the world instead of cooping in their own societal order. Turns out it’s a symbol of loyalty. Total subconjugance to the leader and the objective. Although I still have trouble understanding who the leader of the society is. Is it the mayoral candidate or is he just a puppet of his wife, who was not chosen unanimously because she’s a maniac? I mean who gets to make the decision that it is your time to die for The Cause?

Now that I know the significance of the blue orchid, I have to find out if this blue orchid is real after all.

Latest KDrama binge

Last weekend, I decided to catch up with a new KDrama because people on IG said that when they watched it, they wanted to become a lawyer. The Kdrama is called WHY HER. It has aired up to 8 episodes, and yes, I find it interesting. But no, I don’t want to become a lawyer simply because it is not in my character to be like Oh Soo Jae. Kentalnya jiwa sis. I cannot la like that.

I am looking forward to the coming episodes but will probably leave it until it gets to its finale before I start bingeing on it again.

A quote however caught my eye in the series. Saw it in one of the scenes in Chan’s restaurant and that is..

One day, you will meet whoever you need to meet. Like today.

To me, it reaffirms the idea of Qada and Qadar. And that Allah always has the best plans for you. If anything is meant to be, it will still happen no matter what.

The part when Han Yoon Chan declares to Jang Hana

Hana asked Yoon Chan,

” You still worry about me knowing that I love him? “

and he said..

” I told you to lean on me when you’re scared or things got tough. Even if you love someone else, my feelings won’t change. I’ll always protect you.

I’ve known you and him for a while now. I wish I was your love. But I acknowledge that I’m not the one who makes your heart beat faster.

You won’t give up on love or work. I know you won’t. You’ll keep going forward. You’ll be in pain and you might feel lost. When things get tough, don’t forget that I’m always here for you. You’ll be in pain because of your love for him. You’ll realize one day love that hurts can never last. Come to me when you realize that. I’ll be waiting.

There are many kinds of love. My way of loving you is to be there for you.. no matter what”


*then the chorus of this song explodes in the background*