DSAI is Malaysia’s 10th PM


He was once described by foreign media as a moderated Islamist.

Honestly, when it comes to being a Muslim, it is either being one or not. There is no liberal, moderate or extreme. That is a label concocted by the West. However, since it is difficult for them to understand the Muslim point of this, we will just have to be content with such labels for now. What differentiates one Muslim from another is how they individually choose to practice their religion. To each their own but they shouldn’t justify their shortfalls by championing liberalism. Orang kata pandai buat, pandai simpan – if you truly want to uphold the belief of it is between ‘me and Allah’. Do not put it on being modern and up-to-date. Islam is after all Syumul. Having said that, we should also refrain ourselves from judging another person, especially when it is based on 1 question. I would be very uncomfortable if someone suddenly asked me ‘do you support polygamy?: It is permissible in Islam and the answer is very delicate as opposed to a firm Yes or NO.

One of the things I am looking forward to with DSAI becoming our PM is his ministers in the cabinet. He said that it will be led by technocrats. In short, people who know what they are doing, are experts in those fields. DSAI is known to be a great orator – it would be great to see him give his speech on an international platform. It boosts Malaysian confidence you know especially when we go overseas.

The parliament will hold the first assembly I think sometime in mid-Dec. Malaysians will stay tuned.