Dream Diary : Quest for the furry coat, with a price!


“It was a dark and stormy nightmare”
Neil Gaiman


This post is tagged Dream Diary

I left Baby Zeeq in the care of someone I know (but couldnt recall who). We were living in an unknown era but full of mystique creatures for I remembered seeing an ogre somewhere in my dream. It was a cold, frosty winter . Though Snow Queen did not make a cameo appearance, I had a feeling that my mission was to bethrone her.


And to do that I needed to find this brown, furry, thick coat.

It was a very mixed up journey. First I was in the woods and suddenly I was in the bustling heart of KL until God knows for how many hours.. I finally reached my friends home, Mimie. Miraculously, she had what I was looking for.

Then, everything was fast forwarded. Without a glimpse of any scenes after that.

All of a sudden, it was already summer. [wow, that was a long journey] and it was time to take Baby Zeeq back from the carer. What I saw next brought me to tears, Baby Zeeq was in his cradle but hung on the edge of the window under the blazing sun. His face was scorched from the sunny heat and he had the worst diaper rash ever.

I was shocked. Frustrated. Disappointed. For I know I would never ever put Baby Zeeq in this misery ever. I confronted the carer (who had no face) and all the carer could  do was shrug the shoulders. And this was supposed to be someone I know!!!

The next thing I knew I woke up and straight away checked on Baby Zeeq. The dream was a terrible one but Im just glad that he is alive and cute . As always..



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