Its 54.9 kg people

“I’m lucky. Sometimes I even forget I’m pregnant. And then, boom! I get a kick in the stomach!”
Heidi Klum

I am now at 54.9 kg. A weight loss I consider acceptable especially when you are on diet alone. And this is 2 months post-baby. I was at a whooping 63kg when I gave birth to Baby Zeeq and that was a massive rise from my meagre 47kg pre-pregnancy. Hopefully, with work starting next month, Id be able to shed off more fat off this frame.

Despite the better numbers on the scale, I still feel heavy and am still having difficulties to rise from the chair or floor. Its like having an osteoporotic body just waiting to crumble into pieces of bone graft. Perhaps the hormone relaxin is still taking its time to fully circulate away from the system and is playing hide and seek on my joints. Ive been told that it can take up to 5 -6 months to be back in shape. Yah, unless you’re a celebrity because if thats the case, then you’d have a flat ab in less than  a month!!


Two of my closest friends are becoming mommies this year. I wonder how much they’ll gain till their little babies come out. Hehehe..


4 thoughts on “Its 54.9 kg people

  1. kakfiza,
    yah.. benar. malahan aku pulun habis2 an food masa 2nd trimester sbb tkder hyperem lagi masa tuh..ha ha

    oh. my diet is biasa2 only. I take all meals with small (very small ) portions especially rice. pastuh ratah the veges and proteins. I wish I could exercise as well though tapi at the mo.. keadaan kurang mengizinkan

    ohhh.. ko kan rajin bersenam. jgn risau.. blh jer awk turun balik. hihihi


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