Simply Siti , a drugstore brand worth your pennies


“Pernah kita jatuh
Mencuba berdiri
Menahan sakit dan menangis
Tapi erti hidup lebih dari itu
Dan kita mencuba melawan”
– Siti Nurhaliza, Seindah Biasa –


I am an avid fan of Siti Nurhaliza, Malaysia’s number one songstress. Im no fanatic, just a normal fan. I dont have all her albums but I do have a few. And my personal achievement as her fan was by going to her concert in Royal Albert Hall, London. Well, I was a student in Manchester at the time so no big deal. Conveniently, the concert was held right after our very own group trip to Italy. A perfect end to a great vacation, but thats another story.

So when Siti Nurhaliza came out with her new line of cosmetics, SIMPLY SITI … I was one of those people who simply had to get something from the range she offered. If possible, the cheapest one without sacrificing quality or customers satisfaction. And I havent been disappointed. Thus, for a few shopping trips to Watson over about a year,( I think), I have bought the ;

  • Beginners kit of her skincare products
  • C Bright Simply 5 cream
  • Simply Lips and Gloss ( soft passion )
  • Simply Feminine Blush ( sweet pink)

My latest purchase was the blusher although I have to admit, up till now, I have no idea how to exactly use it. I thought it’ll be straightforward but perhaps I was opening the wrong thing at the back of the applicator? In the end, I just dabbed the sponge on the powder to apply the blusher. Colour was awesome. I looked … youthful.


Recently, Simply Siti came out with a new product, Dermagic. The packaging looks interesting.. hmmmm..


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