Sonja’s Prayer


“I am convinced that He (God) does not play dice.”
Albert Einstein


Moosa was a high earning officer in a private company. He makes a salary of near 5 digits every month. Anyone would be happy to live on that luxury but Moosa was never content. He even complained that what he earned was never enough to support his family lifestyle. Which was not full of a Hilton or Kardashian bling to it anyway.



He has a little family of 6 of whom two of his elder daughters had already got married to respectable young gentleman. His third son now studying in a renowned university under government scholarship leaving only one young son ( who is 17 years old) by the way to feed. Along with his wife, Sonja. In their own, non rented home. It makes you wonder, how could it not be enough?

Moosa apparently had an ambition. He wanted not only a pay rise but also a promotion. He wanted to be Boss No 2 in the company.  But every  time theres a vacancy, the post would be given to someone else rendering Moosa feeling disappointed. Again and again. He was dumbfounded. He doesnt understand why he was never picked despite his shining accolades and achievements. He was always ‘the best’ as per the CEO but why isnt his hard work translated into a higher position in the company?

His wife, Sonja, however had no qualms. As though she knew the reason why her husband Moosa’s wishes arent coming true. When I asked her…

Sonja said,

Everyday I pray to Allah.. if Moosa spends his earnings towards gaining Allahs blessings and towards his family, then do grant him more Rezki as he wishes. but if Moosa spends it on matters otherwise, on things that’ll drive him away from Allah and neglects his family, then Ya Allah withold his Rezki until he fully repents and own up to his sins.

Something to think about.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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