Rockaby baby, on the tree top


“A well-spent day brings happy sleep”
Leonardo da Vinci


Everynight Id be wishing that Baby Zeeq would sleep through till next morning. Or at least waking only once at night for his feed and then fall back to sleep. Instead, he’s a waking nightmare!

But I have to admit its been a lot easier now. 


When he was a neonate( less than 28 days), he’d wet his diapers so often that Huggies ran out almost every week. He’d pooh at least a few times a day and believe me, a chore…  as he does his business at night. Well, at least I know he’s on the normal side. Still, it was hard work especially when you are also trying to heal from a Caesarean scar. Sometimes I felt like the stitches were going to split from so much ‘getting-up’ activity and OCD-ly check them in the mirror everytime after a nappy change.

As baby reached his 1 month mark, I find that he pooh-ed only twice a day. Thankfully, at predictable hours. Still waking up at night but not shrieking for a nappy change. Just for feeds every 2 hours. Then he’ll be back in Dreamland. After a gentle swaddle.

Now that he’s 2 months plus.. I can see the pattern in him waking up. Once before midnight, around 9 or 10 PM. Then, at Midnight. next at 3Am and the other at 5Am. On good nights, he follows a 3 hourly waking strictly. On a bad night however, he would choose whatever hour to wake up and wail his heart out. A swaddle never works, the spring cradle rarely. not even the manual moving half naked mother. Yet, persistence is the key. And thats when I’ll be getting a headache the next morning. And he’s not sleeping much in the day either. SuperBaby!!!

Im still hoping that he’d change. Obviously the Day 61 theory did not work. Perhaps theres a Day 91 theory? Fingers crossed. I’ll need the sleep once Im back to work next month.


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