For colleagues, instead of patients

A friend wrote on my FB wall today, saying how much he appreciated me doing a Central Venous Line on one of his patients with difficult veins. He was oncall and honestly I was going to end my shift when the call for help came. I then had 2 choices; to either answer the mayday or shove the responsibility to somebody else by pretending to be busy. I chose to help. Not because I felt it was my responsibilty in helping the patient get better but I did it because the one asking for the favour was a friend. A good friend who never brought me any trouble. Who never sabotaged his fellow colleagues.

Yes, I suppose it serves as a kind of motivation to do your job well and penuh amanah mun kau molah kerana nulong kawan. kerana kau sik mok kawan ko dimarah specialist or dpt susah.

A mantra Ive always hold on to,


Gosh.. sik ingat dah sapa madah yah..

And because a friend asked… mun sik pande molah pun kenak pande2 kan dirik… muahahaha. If not CRY CRY jak lah…

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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