Hijabista is out!

Hijabista : Stailo & Sopan


I have never been so excited over a magazine before. After Readers Digest that is. The moment I read about its launch on , I have been hunting for a copy at my local newstores. I frequented the stores in Tesco and Aeon a couple of times. Only to be disheartened as I couldnt find a copy of it.. until today.

Mr Husband and I went to Melaka Mall for The Avengers movie and voila.. seated on the shelves of the newstand was a copy of Hijabista. I fought through the small crowd of ‘browsers’ and snatched the mag off the shelf. I didnt mind over the fact that the copy looked slightly dog-eared for what was important then was that : I FOUND IT! IT’S MINE!

Its an introduction edition, priced at MYR10.The  first ever edition would only be out by July 2012. Flicking through the magazine, I think it will have a very strong fanbase if they continue to serve wonderful articles and choices of fashion.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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