Ward call on a weekend

What I know is, is that if you do work that you love, and the work fulfills you, the rest will come.
 Oprah Winfrey

Some may wonder what its like to be oncall in the district on a weekend. At my place, we usually have 3 person oncall over the weekend or a public holiday. That would be one person extra. 2 doctors would cover the Emergency Department (ED) with their armies of Medical Assistants (MA) and staff nurses (SN). And one doctor would attend to cases in the ward.

Last night, I was on ward call. This means …

By 8 am I would already have been within hospital premises on my way to the ward after a quick sip of morning coffee and bun. I would be in doing rounds in the Male and Female ward which has a capacity of 28 patients respectively. Depending on the amount of patients and frequency of interruption from labour room, I would try to finish my reviews by noon. This includes writing up the discharge summaries and prescriptions. Part of my duties would be accomplished once Im done with the wards. Then, I would be receiving referrals or inquiries from either the wards, the labour room and the paeds ward. Clerking new cases, reviewing blood investigations, answering relatives enquiries. Those stuff.

I’d normally pay a quick visit to ED ( if I have the time) to see how many anticipated patients to be warded on that day too. Ha ha. And visit the gatekeepers. [read:the one oncall in ED]

Usually Id only retire to my oncall room nearing Maghrib time after dinner. Have a quick shower and a shut eye. And then do my night rounds  – a quick flick through non critical case notes and focusing more on those in the acute cubicle.

Once that is done, Id feel more relaxed knowing that I have minimised the chances of missing things (thus saving my own arse) and making a mess.

And since this is a district hospital, Id rarely get calls after midnight unless its really really urgent. So most calls are good ones, in that sense. On a weekend that is.

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