Johor Trip : O&G Life Saving Skills

“There is no day in which you learn something is a complete loss”

It was a one and a half day course hosted at HSAJB.

To be honest, I had not the slightest interest to go in view of its duration and location. What with now I have a baby in need 24/7! However I felt compelled to go in the end out of these reasons;

  • for my CPD points
  • the most experienced MO in the field of O&G will be leaving soon, hence someone’s got to know something extra than the rest of the group. someones got to reverse an inverted uterus or deliver a surprisingly huge baby.
  • it would be an opportunity to visit my bestie who studied together with me in Manchester and STF.
  • a good chance to travel out of Jasin/Malacca once in a while

In short, I did benefit from a few things in the course. Above all, I was able to expand on my connections. We never know when we’ll ever meet again. There’s no harm in adding on a few more friends while soaking the lessons like a sponge.

In the end, what mattered were the good times I had and a certificate!! Woohooo..

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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