The politics of having baby

“Your children need your presence more than your presents”

Jesse Jackson

I am new to Motherhood. In fact, still in its green stages of life approximately 6 months. I have lamented earlier on some of the difficult aspects of Motherhood I discovered. [read: surf the Motherhood Tag]

Another point to add regarding being a new mother is knowing how-to and willing to include baby in your everyday life and schedule. Trips to the mall or groceries are not as simple. Getting a facial or indulging in spa therapy is no more at the tip of the finger. Personal time to just surf the net, read a book or watch TV is also scarce!!!  Socializing with work colleagues now requires proper planning. Because now its a choice of bringing the baby or leave the baby with husband/other trusting caretakers. Bringing baby means lunging his diaper bag full of his change of clothes, his milk powder bla bla bla. Leaving baby on the other hand invites the feeling of guilt.

A few weeks ago, a work colleague asked if I would like to join them for a farewell dinner of another friend at work. A single, non married Minci would have said ‘Sure’ without a doubt but Mama Minci immediately said , ‘No, I cant’.

“Why? You dont feel like socializing?” she asked.

On the contrary, I love socializing, going out to try new food.

I said I had to take care of baby. She suggested I bring baby and Mr Husband along but still I said NO. Knowing that she’s already losing the persuasion game, she decided to leave it at that and when she was just about to walk to the door, she made a remark , ‘know what, I just couldnt understand this politics of marriage and stuff’.

Well. Allow me to lay it out for you. The mini part of it.

During the days Id be working at the hospital,  which leaves Baby Zeeq in the care of my MIL. Once Im back from work, its only natural that I take over the caring duties. Considering that Im still staying at my inlaws house, it would seem inappropriate in the local culture for ‘the daughter’ to go out at night. Furthermore, to socialize with friends till most probably (the earliest) 10PM. Even say, despite my good intentions to bring baby along to the social function ..  it is without a doubt that my MIL would offer to care for the baby. After all, baby would be tired and need good, uninterrupted sleep.

So.. siklah aku mok ninggal anak aku ngan mentua aku lagik nak. kesianlah nya. dahlah siang mcm susah nk jalan.. malam gik sikpat nak rest.

I really hope someone gets this.

And  I hate to say this but its true what haters say regarding celebrities who regained their wonderful pre-pregnancy figure in less than 3 months. Time for me, means no time for baby. Vice versa.

2 thoughts on “The politics of having baby

  1. i feel you.
    baby hazeeq vs a friend.
    baby hazeeq won. like duh, who can resist those michelin fat? kawaiii kan..
    gambatte mama min!


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