Team Jasin

Zebulon Gant:

“When you understand the language, sir, everything falls into place”

Mr Husband: pahal kitak onkol lagi ujung minggu tok? kenak buli? bukankah MO ktk main ramee?

Minci: Menar.. tapi everyone still have to do max 2 weekend calls.. So I chose to do this weekend.

Alhamdulilah we are growing in numbers.. approaching near 16 functioning clinical MOs at the moment. Almost half are non Muslims which means that we can go RAYA!!! while the number seems like a luxury, I also pray that both old and new generation of MOs can work together and share their experience and expertise. No truancy. No eksen & idung tinggi.

Team Jasin.

Yes, I hope for a Team Jasin yang digeruni dihormati dan disegani by our respective colleagues in KK and also in the general hospital setting. Tok.. sidak di KK pun blh nganok kita.. apa celopppp..

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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