Being Oncall. Part of the responsibility really.. like it or not. Yet hygiene and beauty is a must. My oncall bag – part 2

.. Now its time to have a sneak peek into my toiletries bag for oncall.


















  1. SKII Facial Treatment Cleansing Gel – this is part of my most expensive hygiene products I have on my vanity. The SKII product. I also have the Pitera Miracle Water Essence. But its not something that I would bring to work.
  2. Sleeping eye cover – just in case I have to leave the room lights on after a dose of horror stories of ghost that haunts the hospital.
  3. INTIMATE pantyliners. I have been getting them in boxes lately as I find them very comfortable to wear. No need to wear double.
  4. Face mask from SASA. On a good postcall day, if my colleagues allow me an hour rest.. I’d do a mini facial early morning before I meet the public again for another round of work.
  5. Face cottons and cotton buds
  6. Mini toothpaste
  7. Toothbrush
  8. The red pouch to hold it all in
  9. REXONA deodorant to freshen up
  10. Contact lense multipurpose solution and case
  11. Mini shower gel and hair shampoo – although I rarely shampoo during oncall.
  12. CLINELLE Eye Bright – helps to reduce eye bags, dark circles and fine lines
  13. CLINELLE purifying toner – a satisfying substitute for SKII Treatment Essence
  14. ELLGY Corns & Warts treatment solution  – key is persistence they say


Yup, enough hygiene for a medical doctor to wade through her day.




Being Oncall. Part of the responsibility really.. like it or not. Yet hygiene and beauty is a must. My oncall bag – part 1

“To the world you may be one person, but to  one person you may be the world”

– Dr Seuss

Honest be told. Doctors are not paid a lot to be oncall. But we still do it as its part of the job description. On a good call, you’d have fun colleagues to work with, interesting cases to heal, time to eat, pray and rest and no patients die. On a bad call, you get the opposite of the above.

We’re not paid much but we are expected to work like robots for the whole night and again expected to function the day after till at best 12 pm, at worst 5 pm or longer. But we still love it, cause we love medicine and our patients. For now. Hehe.

Hence, with the expectation that I always get busy nights, translating into minimal amount of rest,I normally don’t bring an extra change of clothes for the night since I know I wouldn’t have time for an evening shower anyway. Instead, just bring a fresh pair of clothes for the next working day where I’m expected to have a morning bath prior to resuming my duties for the new day.

So I bring the minimum essentials for my call.

oncall bag

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Speak small, only to sound great later …

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” – Mary Anne Radmacher

Last week I took up a last minute offer to become one of the guest speakers for a course which took place today. I did it as a favour for a good friend and the session turned out fine.

Sometimes we envision ourselves to be someone great. We have that ‘niyat’ to emulate the values of a public figure or perhaps, our favourite author. However, at times it is also you and only you, that tends to disappoint yourselves by not jumping on opportunities knocking at your doors.

I have had a few lessons of my own when it comes to missed opportunities. The moment I realised that there is no harm trying, I find that Life is more colourful. Of course there are obstacles and risks intertwined to the ‘goods’ but isn’t that what makes the reward more handsome and worthwhile?

I like to share knowledge. Standing on a podium or in front of a classroom may not be my cup of tea but this is one of the ways as to how great theories are disseminated and shared. A famous example is T.E.D – which brings together speakers of all backgrounds to share their sentiments and findings on matters that concerns them most.

These values were the one which gave me the drive to take up that challenge to become a speaker. It was a good stepping stone. Today, I had an audience of less than 50 people. Perhaps one day Id be able to speak in front of 500 people.


Life  is like dancing. If we have a big floor, many people will dance. Some will get  angry when the rhythm changes. But life is changing all the time.
Miguel  Angel Ruiz

Reshuffling of staffs has been taking place at the workplace. A few selected people have been reassigned to new units and job descriptions. while some have been taking the news in great strides hoping to make a positive impact in a new environment, some sink to the depths of near depression as they try to waddle through the demands of new responsibilities.

Either way, life must go on.

Oncall : Almost a train wreck

I work as hard as I can,

For as long as I can,

And the best that I can,


The severity of oncall should not be measured by the quantity of patients that we see. Instead, it should be reflected in how it makes us feel the day after.

I just completed my Public Holiday call. Which entitles me to claim a meagre MYR220 from the ministry for the amount of labour and feelings I put in for more than 24 hours. To be honest, even the nurses were surprised at how little we actually earn through our oncalls. They were under the impression that we were paid by the hour. Uhuk. how wrong they were.

There was a total of just over a hundred patients in the morning shift alone. Even the asthma bay was full. Thank god for no resus cases the whole day until…

as how people put it..

train wreck

Yes. The day after the call was a mess. Two resus cases came through the door. Both were unsaveable. A young girl with severe head injury after a self-motorbike accident and a gentleman in his mid-40s who died of a heart attack.

Urgh.. kepiuh nyawa.