A Full Fridge

I remembered how when Bro M was about 10 years old and he was claiming how he had a friend who he always play with after school had an awesome fridge. In other words, petiais yg best.

Peti ais best yah camne? I asked him

Petiais yg best is when you always have food to eat  or drinks to gulp on when you open them. Bro M’s friend had yoghurt drinks, jello, milk shakes, ice cream and all the wonderful sweet things on earth. I understood what he meant. Our home fridge was not a full fridge. It has a lot of things inside but all were raw and needed a process called cooking before we get to indulge in them.

Later, during my stay with my beloved MIL, I found a new meaning to a full fridge.

fruity tutti

A full and healthy fridge. MIL is a mother of 4 grown up children of which all are already in the 20s. And yet she still loves them like kinder kiddies. Fruits cut up, iced, ready to eat. *heart*

Is yours a full fridge too?

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