Syawal moments

I wouldnt say Ive been terribly busy this month but.. only 4 posts? Really?

This year my little family celebrated our Eid at my parents place in Selangor. I secretly hoped however that we’ll be able to have Eid in Sarawak again one day. I have to prove to Mr Husband that Eid on my side is not a bore. 2014, maybe?


The night before Eid I helped Mother in the kitchen preparing our Raya dishes. Alhamdulilah, this year Mother was in the mood to be on her best behaviour and cook for the family. I honestly cannot bear the embarassment of having Mother serving Rendang Tunjuk to Mr Husband. So since Mother was in a good mood i.e not fighting over mundane stuff [re: imaginary ‘madu’ & family], she had a flight of ideas and energy to cook a lot of stuff. From rendang, nasi impit to baking heaps of cookies and cakes. My energy level depleted to like 5%. Just enough to angkat gelas minum ayek masa sungkei.

Eid morning

The usuals. Only this year I rose early to bathe Baby Zeeq and ensure he’s the cutest baby on earth. Our little family’s theme was Blue.

We had the sesi bersalaman with the Sarawakian touch of course – cium lutut. It was Mr husbands first time having to do it and god it was a funny sight. I should have captured a video of it and blackmail him later. Hihi.

After Raya breakfast.. we ended up watching the movie SAM.

SAM : Saya Amat Mencintaimu

Only 1.4 million MYR kutipan ? Sheeshh.. apalah urang kita tok.. crita bagus camya sik mok nangga. crita sidak bertumbok, jadi bohsia menyundal sia sitok suka…

Hear ye.. hear ye.. from someone who rarely watches Malay movies : SAM is an awesome movie, nice cinematography, convincing plot and acting. You have got to watch it. id buy the DVD once its out, dude!

Many Syawals later

This year I had the opportunity to go back to MIL’s hometown in Segamat for a family day. There were games, makan-makan and a photo session. I was in envy as I see how strong their family ties are. As someone who’d grown up to be independent and pretty much self- sufficient, I sometimes yearn for this sort of bonding with other humans that we call as family. A tie so pure and sincere. Not plastic!

All in all… alhamdulilah it was a great Syawal. I didnt mind being oncall the moment I set foot to go to work the next day. [yeah, right].

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