How does one ‘ubah nasib keluarga’?

“With great power, comes great responsibilities!”

Its almost a cliché to hear a participant or contender say in a reality TV show of ‘berharap kemenangan ini untuk mengubah nasib keluarga’. Or when asked about why someone choose a certain profession to again ‘mengubah nasib keluarga’. for all I know, when I joined the medical field.. I had no intention to ‘mengubah nasib keluarga’. But now that I look at it, perhaps change has already been instignated within my own family. Through my income.

Every month I would specifically part a portion of my money to Mother for her personal use since she’s not getting much from Father. Later I learnt that she had deposited some of this ‘pocket money’ regularly to my younger brothers bank account for their future use.

When I go back to my hometown for a visit, I tend to take my family out for dining as we try out new places to eat and experiment. In a way, this activity allows a session of bonding within the family and also opening up to something new.

Occasionally, I would invest part of my income towards the maintenance of house facilities and utilities on top of restocking the family fridge.

Having done these petty things with my income, I do feel that nasib keluarga have berubah towards the better. In the next 2 months however, I may have to step up on my responsibility as the eldest child in the family. To support my younger siblings education in a private institution if he fails to get into the university of his choice.


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