My 2013 Pledge

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” 
―    Mahatma Gandhi

Its pretty simple. To upgrade myself as deemed fit. A 30 year old woman in 2013!

Keeping to a schedule. Be it as a medical officer multitasking my way through. Or as a wife & mother juggling the daily routines. Prompt payments of monthly installments too.

Serve more home cooked meals. Try more recipes. Experiment. Indulge the palate.

Uphold home cleanliness as a virtue. Clean sheets/towels/mats every month (at least), scrub the toilet, clear the dishes at night, mop the tiles and get really good riddance of chicken shit at the porch. Not to forget, spreading the wonders of aromatherapy.

Mini charities. A sadaqah, a good gesture. Exchanging stories, knowledges, nuggets of family life among coleagues & supporting staff. Most importantly, going the extra mile for each patient I see in ED. Insya-Allah I will try to remember that. I have tried it with one particular elderly couple. I helped arrange and jot down their neverending appointments on a piece of paper.

Exercise regularly. Fast regularly. Pray on time with extra sunat prayers : perhaps I should try to insert Taubat, Tahajjud & Istikharah in my daily routine.

Spending money wisely. More savings, less shopping. If only, ohh.. if only theres a flea market here in Malacca I could participate and sell my stuff. The money saved.. I would use it on mini holidays and end of the year Xmas sales! After all, things do come in much cuter packages nearing the soltice celebration.

Read well. Two chapters from my medical textbooks (any topic) and one fiction over a spread of two months.And I mean book reading. Not blogs. Newspapers and magazines dont count.

Attend seminars, conferences & network. Go for makeup classes and baking classes. Enrich life, they say!

Well well… this should keep me busy for 2013. Interesting year ahead, I like.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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