Creating my lifejacket

I am not the ultimate breadwinner of the family. Nor do I contribute that much to the financial runs of this household. No wait, let me correct that. I do actually contribute my monthly monetary earnings to this family – by paying the monthly mortgage for the house. YUp.

Mr Husband however pays more. He paid for the furniture, the groceries, the baby’s stuff, bills et cetera. Which made me wonder, if by Gods will he should ‘depart to Heaven ‘ earlier.. would I be able to sustain the lifestyle that we have right now?

One thing I do know for sure is that if I die first, my mortgage is automatically taken care of. It will be paid. But what if its the other way around.

Calculating our monthly expenses with one child included, I would say I would probably just be able to make it. Which means sacrificing trips to the bookstore for books, less new clothes or lingerie, no saturday night out movies, less takeouts, less eating outside even for the weekend. Unless I manage to secure a higher grade of pay in this service.

Hence, the feeling of needing a safety net. That is in the event that I hate my current job as a healer and choose to earn my daily bread elsewhere. Carik lubuk emas lainlah kiranya.

Would it be to fulfill my dreams in becoming a writer? Or open up a business driven purely by passion? Hmmm.. we will see..

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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