A Heartsinking Day

If  you’re going through hell, keep going.Winston  Churchill

Friday is not supposed to be a hectic day. Friday shouldnt be stressful. Friday is the last of all weekdays. We must be able to scream out loud T.G.I.F!!!

I had springs in my footsteps early this morning. I was geared up to meet my patients. I was ready to implement part of my New year resolution → to dispense out more ‘patient education advices’ as opposed to just writing out their prescriptions. My smile was already plastered to the face as I greet the Sinar Jernih workers, our security guards and my staff when suddenly..

… the normally silent, early morning aura in the Emergency Department (ED) was polluted by someones voice. A psychiatric patient (only known to us medical personnels since she’s a regular) giving a colleague of mine a hearing, a rackett, a threat to throw her out of the service by lodging a complaint to the higher authorities.

Immediately, I was disheartened. This was going to be long long morning.

And I was right.

2 resus cases followed with many many yellow tags coming through the door. Its days like this when Id just sit a bit longer in the prayer room and wonder, ‘why cant these patients just stay at home and watch TV’.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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