For now its just cinema at home

You  know what your problem is, it’s that you haven’t seen enough movies – all of  life’s riddles are answered in the movies

Steve  Martin

As much as Mr Husband and I love to frequent the movies and catch up with the latest releases, having Baby in the picture kind of persuaded us into making a few changes.

We usually send Baby to Mr Husbands mother during the day to babysit him. On the odd days when we’re both on nights.. Baby would then have to stay with grandma till we come back home the next morning. Naturally, we feel indebted to our mother (his) and would try not to ‘burden’ her over the weekend by also watching over Baby.

Hence we have been changing our movie-watching preferences lately. We sit at home, flick on the TV remote and watch films we were able to download off the internet. If we’re lucky, the quality would be superb. Otherwise, we would just have to make do with recordings done by amateurs in the cinema.

For the past 2 nights, we managed to watch The Impossible  and Mama. One was a story of hope and the latter…well, depressing and hopeless.

Perhaps, soon enough we would be able to see Hansel & Gretel. From our own living room.

If only, oh if only Malaysia has these reliable teenage babysitters that could watch over the kids while you go for a movie.

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