A tiring fortnight it will be

“Me without that job isn’t me. But also me without you and Ben and Emily  is…nothing.”
Kate Reddy – I Dont Know How She Does It

I will be having 4 calls stretched within this 2 weeks. All in the name of commaderie with the CNY approaching as we the non-Chinese sacrifice our hours and leaves for our chinese friends as they go celebrating their new year. Just like how it was for them as we took our Eid holidays.

Its only been one week and already Im feeling the ache and pains coming in. What with Baby also feeling under the weather.. Id have to care for him just as much as Im caring for my patients. I honestly hope that Baby would get well soon. It breaks my heart seeing him being less energetic as how he’s always been. My fear is that of him contracting dengue since our home has been flooded with mosquitoes. Urgh.. To be safe, that means hydration, hydration, hydration. And preventive measures at the same time.

I havent been serving extravagant dishes as much as I like . Nor have I been keeping up with the laundry and dish washing. And did I mention the vacuuming and mopping that I havent done last week.

Very poor.

And as I blog, I have been up for the last 2 hours tending to baby. Tepid sponging, feeding & serving his acetaminophen (15mg/kg).

Can I request for an EL?


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