Road to Inspiration

The soul should always stand ajar; Ready to welcome the ecstatic experience – Emily Dickinson

                   Looking back at the blog posts I made in Facebook, even I was surprised at how well I was able to express my thoughts and emotions in my writing. It has been a while since I felt INSPIRED. Its been a while since I made a mark, be overtly positive. I promised myself that I would read at least 12 books in a year. Up till now, a.k.a. APRIL.. the amount of books I have read is ZILCH.

Disappointed? Yes.

I did not even touch my medical books. Which makes it even more sad especially at the thought of trying to get into the Masters programme this year.

So today I made a short trip to my local bookstore and bought a few books and magazines.

“We read to know that we are not alone.” — C.S. Lewis

I found an old classic on Don Quixote. A name which brings on nostalgic memories during my courtship days with another man. I never quite understood why this particular guy I used to date tends to refer himself as a Don Quixote. I didnt bother to ask and I didnt bother to Google it up either. So I shall read up this 438 page book.

Then there was ‘How to Work For An Idiot’ which felt like an excellent choice considering the uproar taking place at work between us MOs and the bosses. Its a staggering piece of literature I have to say. I almost thought the author was female from the style of writing. There were too many anecdotes and stir-away-from-topic moments to begin with but I guess I can still persevere up till the last chapter.

I picked up a Christian faith genre book featuring Nick Vujicic. To be honest, I had no idea that the book would be touching a lot on Chrisitianity. Anyhow, I think its worth reading for its inspirational stories. After all, be it Judaism, Christianity or Islam.. the core of the teaching always points towards the good. No harm there to start with, aite?

Last but not least, I invested my money on 2 magazines – Square room & Al ustaz. I was super-excited to see the topic for Al-Ustaz this month as the imam/ ustazs try to answer the publics inquiries regarding prayers during ill times. It should be interesting as I intend to explore further regarding Tayamum, Rukhsah solat et ceteraa…

So chaiyok!!


3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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