Her name is Saraswathy

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names”
Chinese Proverbs quotes

And by calling people as how they were baptised.

I make it a rule upon myself to learn the names of the staff  and my own colleagues I work with by heart. I feel it is very fundamental in creating a harmonious environment which in turn would stimulate motivation and enthusiasm in giving the best output ever. Furthermore, it is more polite to address one by name rather than just a ‘Kak’ or “Bang’ eventhough they’re just a staff nurse or a medical assistant.

Despite my best ruling, I tend to forget two groups of people in the unit. While they come from a private organization, I still see them day in, day out as we both perform our duties to the patients. That would be the Cleaners and The Security Guards. Our contacts would be a mere Hi or Selamat Pagi.Occasionally, they would shyly come up to me requesting a prescription for Paracetamol or cough syrups to which I would happily oblige.

One fine day, after a cup of coffee to start the day.. I was approached by a young female security guard.

“Tigers die and leave their skins; people die and leave their names”
Japanese Proverb quotes

I have had written a few prescriptions for her in the past for what I regard as trivial illnesses and had thought that she would want a repeat of that. Instead, it turned into a brief moment of awe.

[translated version]

She : Dr, I was meaning to ask you something about organ donation

ME : Yes, how can I help you

She : I registered myself as a donor a year back to give all my organs away. however, I had a change of heart recently.. and was wondering if instead giving away all of my organs.. can I choose which to give away?

As mentioned, I was struck with awe. Here, in front of me was a young female security guard from a not priviledged background who has a very big heart. Who had the conscience to donate something back to the living once shes dead. Nevermind the fear of the thought of giving away all of her organs, the act of signing up as a donor in the first place was something to be applauded on.

Thus, I was inspired.

And I learnt her name. Her name is Saraswathy.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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