Ironman 3 : Reminds me to be smart and gather all the riches in the world for the better good to the people …

“Cmon, lets do something insane like save the world”

I did not put my hopes high for Ironman 3. Sequels to me, rarely supersedes the glamour and success of the earlier movie. But then we always have LOTR, Harry Potter series and Toy Story to prove me wrong. So, after the 2 hour length movie of Ironman 3, I was won over. Tony Stark outranks Bruce Wayne. Despite both being filthy rich, Id rather link arms with Tony Stark and go to the funfair as opposed tothe dark and gloomy Bruce Wayne.

Source : Fanpop.Com

Source : Fanpop.Com

A mass weapon of seduction Tony Stark may be, his most striking feature to me was his intelligence and the way he channeled his IQ. I was most impressed that he was able to build his own machine, develop his own theories/equations and not rely totally on other people to design his suits. He manhandled the suits themselves from programming, building, welding et cetera. That is pure genius.

And I see this as something very relevant in my daily practice. While I can instruct my nurses to prepare drug concoctions and serve them, I too must have that knowledge as to how its to be done correctly. It all goes back to the core.The basics of medicine.  Thus, I am inspired.

InsyaAllah, I will pay more attention to the little nuggets of knowledge and fill in the necessary gaps. To a smarter and wealthier me!!

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