Its Raining Cats and Dogs

Into each life some rain must fall.
          – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Its 2208Hrs and I could practically hear the rain pattering against my roof. Mad, torrential rain. Almost like a little girls outburst as she was refused a lolly from the candy store.

Its times like this that I long to be by the window at great heights of the world. I wish to just sit by the window sill, reach my arm out and feel the wetness of rain drizzling down my arm. I wish to oversee the city in its glaring neon lights at the dark of the day.Cause the rain brings back memories. Good memories of being alone yet not lonely.

from my window

Like when I was in my 1st year of medical school. I had my own room, my own space. On the 4th floor of the students accommodation. The window became my favourite spot to study or make a phone call as I gaze down below to just see what the other students are doing. At night, despite the cold chilly English weather, Id keep it open just so I could see the moon and reflect on the days work.

The rain reminds me of being oncall in the wards during housemanship. The rain would sing songs of comfort as I clerk my patients or review the chore that had to be done for the night.

The times when I would just cuddle indoors with a good book and a mug of hot drink.

I love the rain but hey, I still need my laundry to be done. So sunshine, please do pop up once in a while.

What are your good memories of the rain?

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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