Review : Photobook Malaysia

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” 
―    Karl Lagerfeld

Thanks to Groupon, I get to play Editor of my very own book.

My very own Seoul Photobook

My very own Seoul Photobook

Either Im being jakun or just perfectly honest, Im giving Photobook a 5/5 star.

I L.O.V.E it because;

  • the software was damn easy to navigate and use despite its slow loading time.
  • selection of covers and materials to make the Photobook much more alive was adequate.
  • delivery was super fast and it came in a well protected parcel – waterproof, sunproof, everything. The courier service was excellent and my book arrived in less than a week.
  • extra coupons for my next Photobook purchase of which I will use it wisely
  • price was reasonable AFTER Groupon. I wouldnt have purchased it for the initial price. Damn expensive, REALLY!

My next project will be Baby Zeeqs baby album. Yippee!!!

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