Date & Fate .. an oat snack.

 “The oat is the Horatio Alger of cereals, which progressed, if not from rags to riches, at least from weed to health food.”

Waverley Root, ‘Food’ (1980)


I was sold at the mention of eating snacks made from oats. Oat spells Fibre, Healthy and Low Calories. Without a doubt, I fished out MYR 11 from my purse and purchased a box of Date & Fate. All in the spirit of trying to Eat Right and also in helping to boost my staffs side income. Hehe..



The product was appealing and nicely packaged. I don’t really get why it is called likewise. Is it supposed to mean that oat and chocolate are meant to be together? I was excited to see the insides!



Each box has 50 mini packets of oat weighing about 7g per pack. I gasped in horror at first looking at the nutritional facts label. I was like,

100grams = 2046Kcal ??!!!



But then I braced myself and read the labels again. It was in KILOJOULE and not Kcal. I was a million times more relieved afterwards. So its,

100grams = 489kcal

Phew! Even is counting.

Each mini packet had this one mini oat. Which you could munch or swallow whole within seconds! It tasted “chocolate-y oat-y” and I loved it. Next task would be to refrain myself from tearing open another mini packet.


Note : I don’t sell this product. Kindly do not ask me to ‘PM’ you the price.

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