My hair is as bad as Radagast and now I need it sorted …

 Desperate maladies require desperate remedies.


I am going to have to visit the salon soon. For a hair treatment session. Yikes!

I am tempted to go to a different one this time but the comments from the hairdressers will probably be the same.

“Your hair is so DRY!!!What are you? A twig?”

Well.. perhaps not that dramatic but that is the vibe I get most of the time. Haha. They have always recommended the use of hair serums to which I obviously ignored until subsequent visits. But the next visit would probably have their eyes bawling and such .. so lets just try to sort it a bit before I go for another session.

This means I need something urgent to fix the problem. I mean if patients can ‘cheat’ their random glucose level prior to their appointment, I bet I can pull off a trick as well. Buy some so called good hair cream and wish for straight, luminescent hair. No?


I honestly hope that these 2 products would work its magic. Hu hu.

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