Pray For Gaza

Some time ago, I used to tell myself,

“All these actions to boycott Israel products will probably not change anything. There are millions many more Malaysians who would still buy them”

After all, the number one brand which dominates my household is Nestle. I was never a pious person, even now. But as they say,

Until I read a profound article an ustaz posted on the worlds new media : FaceBook.

What struck me most was not the theory behind boycotting and such. In fact, it was something more simple and individual. It read,

“If Allah asks, what have you done to help your brother and sisters in Palestine?” what would I answer…

In a way I was enlightened. Often, we feel persuaded to do things because we want to see the effect immediately. Rarely, it is because we want to please Allah and gain pahala for all its worth. Hence, I feel compelled to take on further steps in Freeing Palestine. Things that I would do the same during the times of the horrible Holocaust under mean Hitlers regime.

There are a few ways to help. Most are inspired by our very own Dr Halina.

  1. Make dua for the people of Gaza : I also learnt that there’s a dua called Qunut Nazilah. Something new to me that I have never known before. 
  2. Send donations through the many available NGOs in Malaysia who contributes to Gaza. 
  3. Boycott products : I suppose after I finish my current pack of Milo and Maggi, I have to find a substitute. As for the Golden Arches.. well, well, its time to limit the visits and stop all together. InsyaAllahnestle-marque2

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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