Tudung Bawal at Bazaar Rakyat, Tesco

“Happiness is a gift and the trick is not to expect it, but to delight in it when it comes.”
–Charles Dickens

What is in this mysterious bag? The happy bag..



I just discovered tudung bawal heaven today. At Bazaar Rakyat , Tesco Melaka.
I know! lumpy kan.. baru skrang nak discover.

I went to the store yang ada tulis JOHOR. The tauke had an Indonesian accent to her speech. Non-Hijabi but very very kind in her discounts. I would love to patron her store again. She was so generous and offered the slashed prices without me even asking for it. In fact, I was prepared to pay the printed price but hey, rezeki jangan ditolak. After all, I am buying 9 pieces of tudung !

Here’s a breakdown of the bawals I bought:

The plain bowel
RP: MYR 10/piece. No discounts


The rainbow bawal
RP: MYR 18/piece
Discount : Buy 2 for MYR 20


The studded bawal
RP : MYR28/piece
Discount : Buy 2 for MYR 50




The kerawang bawal
RP : MYR39/piece
Discount : MYR30/piece


The special name bawal – i – forgot-name
RP: MYR49/piece
Discount: MYR45/piece



I spent a total MYR175 for the bawals. The best part is I get another MYR 5 discount!! So it was just MYR170. Alhamdulilah.. rezeki raya rah Kuching tahun tok. 


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