Happy Mid-Autumn Festival


When I was a houseman, I had a well meaning Chinese friend who took the trouble to find me Halal Mooncake. He reassured me that it came from a certified halal bakery shop and wanted me to taste it. Indeed, it tasted interesting especially the Lotus Mooncake itself.

I am still looking for a Halal Mooncake but the ones in Aeon Jusco does not seem to have a big label/signage that spells HALAL. And it felt wrong to go to the Mooncake section and start belek-ing the boxes. Its like kau tak celebrate pun sibuk nak beli? But no ones stopping anybody from going to bazaar Ramadhan eventhough you tak puasa kan? It’s not that people will check whether you’re on your period thus unable to observe the Fast.

Anyway, this year Mr Husband bought Hazeeq his own lantern from Tesco. A Doraemon lantern. The one with a switch and batteries to light the bulb inside. Sadly it was already in ruins in less than 24 hours.

As Hazeeq puts it,

” Emon dah patah…”


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