A week of uncertainties … and its only Wednesday

My week always starts on a Sunday. While last weekend has been brief – it was nevertheless filled with warmth and happiness. I kinda got a ‘premonition’ that I will be forgetting my younger sister and Dad’s birthday this week (of which I did), I decided that the family must celebrate early.

The First Uncertainty..

.. was when I had to choose a cake. My favourite cake house at the moment is the Italy Bakery as it has a wonderful selection. It was between the La Rose Cake and the Absolute Chocolate cake. I stood in front of the cake display with Hazeeq fidgeting by my side in his little jubah for like 5 loooong minutes before I finally made my choice. An LA Rose cake it is – an excellent choice at that as this cake not only has a luxurious and elaborate decoration, it also exudes wonderful taste and texture to any birthday celebration.

2014 blog4


N0.31 31-1 Jalan SP1,
Taman Semabok Perdana,
Tel: 06-282 6450
E-mail: info@italybakery.com.my

My Second Uncertainty ..

.. was when I had to make a difficult decision for a patient at work. It was not a matter of life and death. But it’s one of those things that keeps popping up at the back of my head. I had to go with an experience-driven instinct – enough said

My third Uncertainty..

.. is my dear Hazeeq. I have to say he is a fun little human right now. He can interact, he understands most of the things we say to him. He is a big boy! He remembers crystal clear the things he saw or heard, the direction to his grandmothers house or Tesco. He can even relate to us the activities he did for the day with his grandparents although we have to filter it a bit because come on lah.. takkan lah nenek nak pergi tesco everyday bawak you makan kfc. ha ha ha. 

hazeeq's new slippers.. bought by nenek

I wouldn’t say Hazeeq’s uncertainty is a negative thing. I like the fact that Hazeeq is gender neutral. Meaning he loves Sofia the First as much as he loves Upin Ipin. He loves pink slippers as much as wearing his shorts and checkered shirts or ‘baju aku kaya’ as he calls it.

My current ‘uncertainty’ is in how to initiate potty training. First time parent lah kan.. and despite being a medical professional I’m still hoping that the business of pooping or pee-ing on ones own will come by naturally. Aduh. 

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