A possibly tragic October

Just thinking about next months roster and added responsibilities are already making me an emotional wreck. Not to sound melodramatic, but family time would be affected and my son would probably not recognize me as Mummy. Maybe the mumia mummy. Huhu.. exaggerate lebih.


But then again, who am I, a little medical officer in a district setting to complain? oncall sikit pun nak cakap banyak? yah yah.. Im sadapping. I’m sure my counterparts in the tertiary hospital are having yo-yo feelings regarding their job as well. Their job demands are tougher, they deal with more lives than we do.

Big, profound changes are coming my way soon. I would say most are half-baked ideas but then an orthopedic surgeon once said, if you can’t give a solution to the problem, don’t even think about raising the issue”

So yeah, keeping mum.


3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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