Emotion overload

It was a bit of a roller-coaster ride this week. Mixed emotions of anger, despair and elation all rolled into one. Not knowing which had a greater impact to the physical being – just realizing that at the end of the day, the physical body succumbed to exhaustion drowning still, in adrenaline. Not even my usual cup of coffee helped to ease the tension. And an extra cup was not much of a help either.


I never expect people to understand the tiredness that comes with working in the Operation Theatre (OT) or in Casualty. If my fellow colleagues in other departments couldn’t even get why budak2 GA penat onkol OT padahal duduk tepi mesin je.. how would I expect other people to understand. Or those who thinks us in Casualty just knows how to shout orders and sit at the desk writing case histories??

Well my dear.. if only you understand the gravity of an Adrenaline Rush. Its when the potential of all your 5 senses are heightened firing rapid, fast, continuous impulse to your brain. In a way, it prepares your body for a fight or flight situation. Imagine this happening for long hours everyday – inevitably the mental fatigue and physical weariness ensues.

percayalah.. even though the anesthetist looked like their just watching the vital signs monitor – a lot of things are racing through their mind.

What if the patient woke up

What if the bleed continues

What if this, what if that

haih. penat. 

So yes, sounds very negative right? Until something happened today. Dalam marah2, tak puas hati and kelam kelibut.. and of course the adrenaline rush..  God carved a way to forgiveness and redemption.

A colleague needed help today and like reflex, everybody put their differences aside and worked together as a team to stabilize the patient. And for a while everyone had amnesia of how much trouble some people caused some people.

Consequently? I felt less tired and happier. *peace*

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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