Not just a Farewell Party

This year alone, 5 colleagues from my hospital decided to QUIT Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM). Few were seeking greener pastures, others had personal problems and one was totally geram at the higher administrations at Putrajaya for unjust judgements and treatment.


While some people would respond by saying,

“banyak lagi doktor yang lain”

I myself think that these 5 people are a great loss to the patients of this hospital. These doctors not only have served both overseas and locally for a number of years, they are also those who cares deeply about their patients – only met with ungrateful remarks sometimes. Bayangkan.. nak ajar pesakit how to perform the solat as a sick person pun kena marah by their relatives. *facepalm*

Anyway, whatever reason they chose to leave – it is only natural for them or us to hold a farewell party. Recently however, the last one who left did not want a farewell party. While I understand his reason of not wanting to make a big fuss of him leaving, I felt that at least a simple farewell ceremony should be held. Wanna know why?

So people have a platform to meet and greet for the last time. So broken bridges could be mended. Forgiveness sought. Happy memories reminisced. Awful experiences shared and learnt. Words of wisdom passed on to others. Monetary favours or loans be returned appropriately.  So gratitude and thanks can be expressed to people who have made life easy and meaningful to oneself after so many years at one place.

All this so the person leaving could start the new chapter of their lives in a new, refreshed breath having made peace and amends to their past. Its not just a farewell party. Its a time to give yourself a wonderful finale for the current chapter of your life.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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