Making a conscious decision. To celebrate life.


Matin is still our baby brother although he is already in Form 6 AND  is an uncle of 2 mischievous nephews!!  Ha ha. My brother was honestly trying to save his cake from getting squashed by the 2 very riant toddlers. Lighting a candle and singing a birthday song was not even possible but not that Matin wants it anyway. Ha ha.

We bought his cake from Berry’s bakery which is as nice as ever. Not too sweet and the cake comes in a cute box packaging with square-ish plastic bag. He wanted a classic Blackforrest, so there we have it.

Food was simple. All boys love Domino Pizza. And most importantly there wasn’t much dishes to do afterwards. He he. I am glad to have agreed with Mr Husband for the trip back to my parents this weekend. God knows if I would be free if we had chosen to go during that other intended week. Especially with so many impromptu weekend programmes popping up inconveniently.

Carpe Diem! 

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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