Honey Madu for dinner

Mr Husband is working extra hours today. This means dinner for one is 2 slices of honey buttered toast with a mug of hot cocoa. No fancy dishes – just toast.

In Vietnam, honey is served with tea.


During one of our visits to the bee farm, we had tea mixed with a small dollop of honey and a sprinkle of pollen. Topped with a mini-squeeze of limau kasturi. It was a wow tasty drink. I had seconds. And a third. But I didn’t buy their produce because it was too expensive and most importantly – they were in liquid form. I did not pay for extra baggage for the Saigon trip. Liquids in hand luggage? Risky…

In Malaysia itself, I came to hear of Teh tarik with Madu in Johor. Now that is something worth a day trip for.

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