Crowning myself as the wife of a Master’s student..

Apa yang Allah tak duga dengan Rezki, Allah duga dengan Masa.. 

.. at least that is what I have in mind. Alhamdulilah.. Mr Husband has received an informal offer by his respective university to pursue his studies in the Public Health Module. If everything goes well, he will start his semester soon and this will mean major daily life adjustments.

He will definitely miss our little dinosaur – more than myself, biasalah kan.. 

He will end up being a weekend husband, vice versa.

Every second and minute would count in the little interactions we have each week. Despite the limitations, I like to think that time will pass by quickly. Just how it was for both of us when we were medical students and house officers. Tup tup.. dah jadi MO. 

Looking at the bright side, I only have to cater for my son’s meals as I’m not much of an eater nowadays. I have less laundry to do. Perhaps then I’d also get a few things done in the house. Like painting the wall or something or plan special projects every week to welcome him home.

This could be an interesting 4 years.. InsyaAllah. 

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